Thursday, September 08, 2005


Today was my third day of school...second day of actual classes. Most of the last three days are hazy because of sleep deprivation. I'm working with about twelve hours for the past three days, plus I've got a cold. The teaching program is set up so that I'll be going through the entire year with the same group of twenty people and I've already made four friends with whom I'm in groups with for all my classes *desperately hopes no one is flaky*. Everyone seems nice and non-flaky we'll see. All of the classes have been really interesting so far. The profs are all fun, and the topics (even the ones I had doubts about [Principles of Teaching? Yikes.]) have been great.

I've managed to acquire a nickname within my group...Hermione from Harry Potter, because I've been ridiculously organized, to the point of having my textbooks in class when the instructors didn't know if they were in the bookstore or not. I've somehow managed to convince everyone that I'm a crazy superachiever. Muahaha! Now I just need to keep up the facade for the next 11 months or so and I shall be the awesome. I'm hoping that I keep going that way and if everyone stays convinced, I'll feel as though I've got to keep it up or else be mocked mercilessly. One of the guys has promised to do so if I start to fall behind.

So. Classes. I'm a little overwhelmed. For next week, I've got five pages of homework and around eighty pages of readings [edit: I forgot to factor in today's classes's readings. Eses. It's now up to nine chapters plus two articles at about thirty pages each], and I haven't even attended all my classes for the first time yet. I worked it out (probably shouldn't have...sometimes there is less fear in the unknown.) and it turns out that this semester I'm taking the time and work equivilent of eight or nine full time classes at SFU. The most I've ever taken in a semester was four, and that nearly killed me.

I'm bowing out of NaNoWriMo this year. Upon reflection of time and so on, I think my time would be better spent doing school stuff. It's annoying though. I was looking through the list of clubs today, and I've seen at least three I want to I want to rush (I think that's the term) for a sorority, just because...well, I told Dave that I had no interest in joining a sorority, but there were some CUTE girls walking around wearing Greek lettered t-shirts today. Oh, and academic excellence and peer support too... La la la.

Anyway, I need to get all my readings for Monday done tonight to prevent mocking, so there's my massive update. I have no idea when I'll update next, so see you when I do. :)

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