Sunday, September 25, 2005

Birthday/Graduation Party Announcement

TO: Anyone I know in real life, or can be vouched for someone I know in real life. Also, significant others and kids are DEFINITELY welcome.

Thursday October 6th
7-10, dinner in Burnaby at a restaurant/pub that has an all ages seating area.
10-??, we move over to the non-all ages section for karaoke. :D

Email or comment me for details on the venue. I don't want to use evite for some random reason that I can't think of (aka, I'm lazy) but I'll probably send out evites in the next couple days.

Sorry it's a Thursday night, but that's when karaoke is. :P Miss Manners says you shouldn't ever say anything about presents even when saying they aren't necessary, but I think that's silly. Presents aren't necessary...but if you feel like you need to, please donate some money either to the Red Cross, breast cancer research, the food bank or Children's Hospital. I really have plenty of everything that I need.

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