Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I feel growl-y

I'm missing a text book. It's a white binder with a crapload of articles in it. GRRRRRR. It better be in my car, or sommmmmebody's gonna getta hurt real bad.

I'm still slightly ahead of things in regards to school, except for the reading I should be doing which I can't because I have no textbook for my social theory class. How irritating.

Sooooo, I'm sleepy. Not much else new. My room is looking a little frazzled what with me at school all day and not caring about tidying it up completely, but it's still in damned good shape. Most of the stuff scattered around is going to school with me tomorrow.

I snapped a belt loop on my nice plaid pants. I'm annoyed. I think they're the most expensive piece of non-club clothing I own.

Leaves are cool. I'm not having as many issues with today being the Equinox as I thought I would. I am not a happy autumn/winter person...weird since my bday and Cmas are both in those seasons. And Hallowe'en. But I'm really not a fan, and my university is already REALLY cold, and there aren't many places to walk across campus and stay dry and newsflash: VANCOUVER IS WET. I may need to start...horrors...carrying a raincoat.

But not an umbrella. Because umbrellas are for tourists.

And now before I make absolutely zero sense, I shall sign off.

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