Friday, September 30, 2005


For the two people who will know what I'm talking about above... ;)

So, I need a vote....who thinks I should do this?

A few days ago I saw a squirrel. There are many squirrels at school...some of whom don't like me. One charged down the sidewalk in my general direction on about the third day of class. :P This isn't about that squirrel though, or the one which I saw chew into a chestnut and rip a chunk out with its deceptively tiny teeth (although that one was on my mind).

I saw a squirrel burying an acorn. I've never been close to one during the fall before, so it was fascinating. It dug really damned fast for such a little guy, dropped the nut in the hole, covered it up with the dirt it had displaced, then it pushed a stick and a leaf over the spot and poinged away. I was tempted to dig it up, just to see what the squirrel would do, but I thought it would be mean, since the poor thing was probably on acorn 149340 out of 30930490 that it needed to gather.

Also I didn't really want to see the squirrel chew into my finger and rip a chunk out of it with its deceptively tiny teeth.

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