Saturday, September 24, 2005

*kicks the dirt and looks embarrassed*

So, after a good night's sleep and a long hot shower last night with Ravensbara essential oil diffusing through my bathroom (antiviral and antidepressant. Smells like orange...kinda) I feel much better than I did last night.

Why do people do this to themselves? Why can't we hear all the good stuff people say about us when we're in that funk? (BTW, thanks Bimkins for the chat last night...everything is helping now. And thanks dearheart for the comment. It made my day.)

By the way...I still love my eyes but now I recognize my cheekbones, my hands and fingers, my breasts, how my butt looks in some of the jeans Dave helped me pick out, the curve of my back, my sillhouette lit by candles, how my waist has been curving into an hourglass and the muscles of my calves. I'm still a collection of body parts, but at least I'm outnumbering the ones I hate.

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