Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Saga of The Desk

This is my desk. I love it. It is the best desk EVAR.

This is so amazing I have to share. :) So, I went to Office Depot and this desk was $249.99 and the top part sold separately for $114.99. There happened to be an undamaged clearance set out front that were marked to 50% off, then down again so that the desk was $99 and the hutch was $54.04 (*shrug* I duuno why either). So, Dave and I are wandering around, measuring other desks, sitting at them...etc. I decide, yep. I like the one that's out there. So I find the manager (a really cute redhead). She happens to be on the phone and dealing with irate customers in front of her, so I wait very patiently until she tells me that she may be a while. "No problem. I just wanted to ask you a really quick question. There are a couple pieces of furniture out front that have been discounted a couple times already. I'd like to take them tonight, and I was wondering if you could do anything for me. One's a hundred and the other's fifty." I figured maybe I'd get ten bucks off or something. I figure that's lunch out somewhere, and if you don't ask, you can't receive, right?

"How about $70 and $40?"

*mind boggles*

So instead of over $400 (including tax) they wind up being $125 with tax, and we get 10% or something back at the end of the year. Then Dave pays for it as an anniversary present, so it cost me nothing. :D

This was umm...yesterday? So today I spent around six hours cleaning and organizing around the space it'll be going. (Yes, I have a messy room. No, I didn't hire a bulldozer. Yes, next time I'm going to.) Today Dave, Jeff and I put together the desk part (read: they put together the desk while I kept out of the way, make sure they had beverages, got the parts they needed and bought them dinner.) Tomorrow the hutch! Then my computer goes downstairs on it so I can surf porn do homework without my parents distracting me.

Fortunately I have no stories that "will be funny in a week" about us putting it together. No mashed toes, no falling apart of the desk, no falling apart of the Karin, nothin'. However, because EVERYTHING in my room is going to be moved, the entire contents of my bookshelf is now on my bed, making it difficult for me to sleep there tonight. So, I shall sleep in my absent brother's room tonight, and hopefully rearrange things tomorrow so that I have a place to sleep.

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