Saturday, May 22, 2004

So many things happened yesterday.

Yesterday should have been the day from hell, but it wasn't actually that bad. I taught first thing in the morning, did the craft store, taught another two hours and then went to Vancouver to take a private lesson for karate. I got moving at 0700 and wasn't finished until 2100. All this was on less than two hours of sleep. Ye gods. I had twenty minutes in between my first teaching and going to the craft store and I was so fried that I stood in front of the telephone book with tears streaming down my face whimpering "I don't know what number to call" several times before my mother sent me to lie down until I had to leave. Things could ONLY get better from there. :) They did. :) I had the supervisor that I really like at work...she insists on people taking their breaks, at the right time and for the right length and will only call you back if the situation is uber desperate.

Teaching went well. I discovered this morning that I'm going to be getting more than $900 for the month. Um...holy crap? There goes my credit card debt. *poof* Here comes my savings account *cha-ching* I am pleased.

My lesson yesterday went spectacularly well. I could feel myself improving pretty much every three minutes. I don't think I've EVER been this excited about learning something. I'm really looking forward to today's dojo workout. It's hard to describe. I practiced a lot last week and this has really helped me to kick everything into a higher gear. I'm pretty happy about that.

Last night I got to hang out with Candyman, Jeff and his lady friend. I'm not going to go into much detail, but a really nice time was had by all, and I managed to behave myself while she was there.

So that's about it right now. How was YOUR day?

Exercise yesterday: 1 hour karate lesson

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