Sunday, May 02, 2004

April referrers to my site

the once and future king synapses
knitting a toque
slurpee recipe coke
gragh paper
how do you keep synapses firing
gragh paper
Karin (imood)
shintokukai (CNN) x 2
rona "paint sale" (google)
jewellery ndp svend robinson (google)
shintokukai (google)
payless boots blog (google)
5th element/sarah brightman (yahoo)
gragh paper (MSN)
circle gragh (yahoo)
"wiped away all your tears" (AOL)
do the right thing movie synapses (yahoo)
sluggy lyrics "fire and rain" (google)
gragh of alcohol drinking (google-sokning)
"when you cried i wiiped away all your tears" (google)
payless sneakers blog (google)
pics fishlets (google)
shintokukai (google)
kiki dog coquitlam (metacrawler)
"in flander's fields the poppies blow" (google)
centerpieces in fishbowls (msn)
i rape my bride wedding nite (yahoo)
finding nemo/synapses (yahoo)
shintokukai (google)
"i held your hand through all those years" (google)
"when you cried i wiped away all your tears" (google)

I like how people find me via the Evanenecence song, which I didn't transcribe completely correctly. I also enjoy the "gragh" paper. It's pronounced "graff" and spelled "graph" people. It's also funny that words I make up get searched for (fishlets). And whoever wanted that "i rape my bride wedding nite", first, learn how to spell. Weird. Odder that I got the hit.

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