Friday, May 14, 2004

Skirts and Ravioli

I'm back in civilization. It's so good to be someplace where we have cable, internet and a working DVD player. :) Yup, Meesh and I were really roughing it...our TV didn't have a remote control!

We went down and the border guards took our can of ravioli...luckily he was really nice about it, apologizing for the stupidity of it. It had beef in it, so for those who are keeping abreast of the "mad cow" situation, that was some fallout. Weird.

A good time was had by all. Meesh and I built a fire and I toasted marshmallows; I think I still have some goo under my ring. It still feels sticky. Presumably nothing was left behind, the weather was gorgeous and I wanna go BAAAACK!!

We went into Bellingham for a bit and I picked up a really cute skirt and a shirt from Hot Topic. We only got lost once each on the way there and back, but we made it. I had to leave my skirt at the trailer because we were down less than 24 hours. :(

That's about it for now. Fun was had. I'll be going back again, probably during the week again. Keep an eye on the side schedule for times and if some people want to try and coordinate with me, we'll see what we can do.

Exercise yesterday: Tossed the disc around, short nature walk, stretching and run through my kata, 1 hour Ultimate

Exercise the day before: 45 minute walk down at the Ranch.

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