Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I'm going down to the States for the night with Meesh; we should be back around 3 pm PST tomorrow afternoon, in time for me to get to Ultimate. I woke up at 0823 this morning without the alarm...because I forgot to turn it on, and I was supposed to be teaching at 0745. Eep. And I don't have kid's phone number, so I'm kind of hooped. Well, I'll see them and apologize Friday. On the plus side, I made Rice Krispy squares, went for a walk and did some schoolwork, all before noon...not bad considering that normally I'm not awake until around noon...ish. Closer to one on many days.

I want to go to the bookstore today for a couple hours, but I'm very tired. I think I'll shower, pack for tonight and Ultimate tomorrow, eat something, then do some reading. If I don't make it to the bookstore today I've got time on Friday.

Exercise today: 35 minute walk up and down hills with the maternal unit.

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