Saturday, October 21, 2006

Whee! Disc Golf!

A few housekeeping things:
1) WTF just happened to my blogroll? Everything is all mixed up, so that the ones that update all the time are mixed with the ones that don't. All the ones that update frequently float up to the top eventually, and now they're all mixed up...not even alphabetical!! This is messing with my brain.

2) My computer's doing some whacked out things, so I've been away from MSN and here. Sorry about that...I still love all of you. Except you, hiding at the back. Why don't you ever comment? Hmmmmmm??? Ok, fine. You're ok. I guess I still love you too. Bring me chocolate.

3) Chocolate. Oh my. Chocolate is the only caffeine I've let myself have for the last...uhhhhh...four days. Except a sip of Dave's ice melty regular coke. Bleah...diluted AND too sweet. Didn't really enjoy it. Oh right...chocolate. Dude, seriously, I've had like three hot chocolates in the last four days, 1/2 a pound of M&Ms and various other chocolate like substances. STOP ME BEFORE I EAT AGAIN!!!!!

4) NaNoWriMo planning is going well. I'll be setting up a blog about it in the next few days/weeks for those who want to observe while I spew my words onto the computer screen. I also encourage everyone to do this!! It's a wicked fun thing to do, and it gives you an excuse to be tired and drink way too much caffeine. Unless you're me. No, I'm not bitter...what gave you that idea?

Very very very tired. I played at the Abby's Open Disc Golf Tournament this weekend, in the Amateur Woman's division and placed 2nd! Wooo!!! It's not such a HUGE awesomeness, since there was only myself and one other woman (Hi Hella!) in there, but what WAS fantastic is that I actually scored REALLY close to some of the women playing in the Open Women's division...which is MUCH higher calibre. So I did ok. I got a really skookum shirt and I'll post a picture of me wearing it later, as I do not have my camera with me. I know...bad camera owner. But it's ok! It's safe at home being babysat by my stuffed animals. (What? If I can anthropomorphize my camera, I'm doing it to my stuffies too. You? At the back? I saw that. Shoo.)

I am currently full of delicious, fantastic Greek food, am finally fully warm for the first time in about three hours and am going to snuggle up to catch up on some Prison Break with my sweetie (who did really well at the tournament today himself) and then maybe have ice cream and/or brownies later. I'm exhausted and think I may fall asleep before he comes downstairs from checking/writing email.

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