Sunday, October 01, 2006


Party the first: Karaoke!! Thursday October 12th at the Shark Club in Burnaby. Stuff starts around 10.

Party the second! To celebrate the Canucks home opener, and (tangentally, mostly as an excuse) my birthday!

Who: YOU! And significant others! And children, if applicable! (no borrowing other people's children)
Where: My place.
When: Friday October 13th (ooh, spooky). Arrive anytime between five o'clock and LATE...stay until you need to leave.
Other: Casual party... BYOB, I'll have food and mixers. I'm not super close to a bus line, but we've got enough non drinkers that I'm sure we can volunteer them to drive to Coquitlam Center or Lougheed Mall. Or you can crash at my's all good.

There will be a Canucks game on, but you are by no means required to watch...there will be other things happening around the place.

Email for directions, comment or email to confirm or deny your attendance.

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