Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mount Baker with Sailboat, originally uploaded by Random Synapses.

These are a few of my favourite photos from my Victoria trip. This is the fast version of my trip.

Seagull landing Swartz Bay
There were seagulls at the dock. I'm just impressed with my camera's freeze action abilities.

E and J on Boat
I saw my uncle's boat.

Begging Seal
Two begging Seals
I fed seals at the harbour. SO COOL!!! OMG!!!!111!!!

Celtic Cross Silhouette
At Ross Bay Cemetery (doh! I spelt it wrong through the whole set. Dammit.)

Graveyard Statue
Also at Ross Bay Cemetery. I wanted to get the detail on the statue, but it refused, due to light conditions. I think it's more striking like this anyway.

Birthday Morning
My surprise birthday celebration first thing in the morning.

Stuck in Traffic
Home again! Welcome to mainland traffic!

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