Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Caffiene Update

One full day without drinking any cola or other caffinated drinks.

1/2 lb of M&Ms consumed.*

Damn. I don't feel dizzy, but I do feel kind of sick to my stomach.

I've come to a conclusion today. I'm not going to let Meneire's rule my life. I functioned rather well without being all hardcore "I can't have ANY SALT!! Or chocolate!!! Or a glass of wine!!! Or even tea!" A lot of the suggestions that are made to lessen the symptoms are generally pretty good ideas for general health.

-drink lots of water (oh, man...I desperately need to do this)
-eat more fresh fruits and veggies (always a good idea)
-cut back on salt, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco (always a good idea...and I'd been meaning to cut back on the pop anyway, and I don't smoke, so that's fine)
-eat lots of small, regular meals (OMG, this one I really really really need to do. I get ridiculously cranky when I don't eat, and usually I can't remember that's why. SUCH a bad habit.)

Basically, I'm going to try and eat/drink healthier, but if I want a cola, or tea, or a glass of wine, or some chips for a TREAT , I'm not going to completely deprive myself.

Except for the Diet Coke and its various caffinated relatives. That's ending for a month. *whimper* 29 days to go.

OMG! I just realized. I'm going to be working without caffeine for at least the first half of NaNoWriMo. CRAP!!!!!

*probably significantly less...but still.

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