Friday, October 27, 2006


Hi all...I haven't been writing much lately. Life's been happening, but either I don't have time to write, don't feel like throwing it out there, or else I totally forget and wind up just posting a picture or two.

So, a quick recap of the last little while:

-The biggest news! I've got two school districts interested in hiring me. I will refer to them as SD-A and SD-B. SD-A called me about four weeks ago to tell me that my application had been accepted and they'd be calling my references. After twiddling my thumbs for that four weeks (plus a phone call saying basically, "uhhhh...things happening??") I received word from one of my references that she was, indeed phoned. Hopefully things will now proceed a bit faster. (*snicker*) During a bunch of phone calls to various districts (most of said phone calls involved me saying basically, "uhhhh...things happening??") I called SD-B and they said that my application had been pushed to the reference level. This is good. I'm not sure when that happened it's possible that it happened two weeks ago...or...the day I called. So yeah. Waiting game again.

-I've been having some dizzy spells, which REALLY isn't fair. I've been (mostly) good about eating on time and I've cut back on the salt (mostly) and even dropped caffeine (except chocolate. BTW, Halloween is a BAD TIME to try to kick chocolate. And Autumn in general is a bad time to kick caffeine. I crave tea and coffee when things get cooler. And hot chocolate...mmmm....)

-I've been visiting people...slowly but surely. I've felt myself slipping into depression a little bit, so I'm trying to force myself to get myself moving. Once I'm going, I'm usually ok but inertia is almost a bigger force in my life than gravity.

-I've been helping out around the house a the basement with my mom, working on the garden with my dad...that kind of stuff.

-I've been reading and watching stuff my computer records for me. Currently I'm totally into Heroes, Corner Gas and a few things Dave watches and I follow when I can...Shark, CSI and various shows along those lines.

-I've been channeling my inner domestic goddess (IDG) and made soup and corn muffins. Mmmm...every year around this time, I start getting all home-like. I usually don't like cooking, but the cool weather makes me want to nurture people and feed them hearty soups and stews and bread. Now if only I can convince my IDG that cleaning, organizing and getting rid of stuff is nurturing. Hmmm...

(edit:) Oh yeah. And I uploaded a TON of pictures into flickr...and I had sized them wrong so they're all tiny. :( BOO! On the plus side, I've figured out how to resize photos quickly and easily after I installed some of the software that came with my camera. Before, I was using Paint to do one at a time.

*click* Open picture.
CTRL-W to open resizing tool.
25 TAB 25 ENTER to resize it to 25% of the original size.
Mouse up to File, Save As, because there's no hotkey for Save As.
Come up with "witty" title. Hit Enter.
Close window.
Rinse and repeat.

I got it so that I could usually resize one every thirty seconds or so...but STILL!!!!!! That time adds UP!

So now I'm happy with my new abilities...if only I hadn't made things so TINY!!!

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