Monday, April 07, 2008

Today MUST be Monday...

I never could get the hang of Mondays*.

I work today from 900-300, then I have a staff meeting that will run from 315-515, then I tutor from 545 to 845.

This morning I was in the elevator with Dave when he noticed that there was milk dripping out of my lunch bag. The milk for the cereal I was going to have for breakfast this morning at work.

I left my marking at home this weekend, so I didn't get any of that done, so I figured I'd do it between work and tutoring.

Oh, right. Staff meeting.

My grapes are mushy.

It's raining.

At least I didn't do what I did on knitting club at lunch, while forgetting that I had to do supervision at recess, allowing me 20 whole minutes to eat my lunch and have a break. Woo.

Yeah, it's Monday, all right.

*Apologies to...Douglas Adams? I think? If it wasn't Monday, I'd probably remember...although I think the original quote was about Thursdays.


Al said...

Yep. Thursdays. As a result of a strange coincidence, I was listening to the BBC HHGTTG radio show yesterday.

The Teacher said...

Yes! And was it Dirk Gentley who said it?

Donna said...

Arthur Dent. :)

The Teacher said...

DAMMIT! I was half there at least. :D

Also, has everyone been stalking me since October, waiting for me to actually post again? :)

The Teacher said...

Dur. HHGTTG...Hitchhikers...etc.

I really can't get the hang of Mondays. Fer realz.