Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Mishmash

My hands are insanely dry. I'm slathering on the lotion and it still feels like I've poured SuperGlue all over them. (FYI, I did not pour SuperGlue all over them)

I think I saw Ashley panhandling near my apartment. :( I can't stop thinking about her.

I'm more sore from kids karate than from my own karate, I think. This is due to the massive amount of push ups and sit ups I did. Ow. Three months off = sore shoulders and abs. (FYI, it wasn't really that many [maybe 50 sit ups and 20 push ups {and my form was really shite for most of the pushups...}], but hey...three months off.)

I really like tofu when it's fried in a little olive oil until it's crispy. It was supposed to go in my stir fry, but a lot of it wound up as a snack while I waited for the rice to finish cooking.

While I was teaching discus yesterday, a kid's throw smashed into the ground where a group of the class had been standing mere seconds before. I sounded like this: "Everyone behind the line! I shouldn't have to tell...LOOK OUT!!!" *thwack* Gave me six consecutive heart attacks, I tell ya.

Only a month until final term report cards. Holy crap. I'm still dealing with the aftermath of the previous report cards!!!!

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