Sunday, April 13, 2008


Spring is probably my favourite or second favourite season. Summer can be a bit of a bitch if it gets insanely hot, and spring can be annoyingly unpredictable...but it's amazing how awesome the sun feels after the rain (and SNOW...WTF???) we'd been getting the last few months.

To me, one of the best parts of spring/summer is all the fresh fruit and vegetables that are cheap and taste SO much better than during the winter. Everything tastes so much more alive than when it's cold out. I love my carrots, potatoes and yams (boy do I love them), but it's so refreshing to get away from the starchy roots and get some juicy veggies and fruit that isn't just apples. I've been rejoicing in grapes the last few days, eating them plain, with fruit salad, on green salad with raspberry vinegarette dressing...awwwww yeahhh... I made a fruit salad yesterday with a mango, an orange, a banana and the aforementioned was like being in Mexico. I'd planned on eating it over a couple days, but wound up devouring it in two sittings. Heh.

I'm trying to cut back on the meat I eat as well. I don't necessarily want to become a vegetarian, but I'm doing some research, and I think that it's healthier, more economical and more ecological to eat less meat. I'm also trying to make healthier choices about meat: chicken or fish instead of beef or pork (easy, since I don't like pork much).

I still like meat (a lot) and knowing that I can't have something makes me crave it like crazy. (I should tell myself I'm forbidden to eat healthy food...) It's weird. Since I've started tracking my food, I'm more aware of how much I eat and I'm less likely to crave sugar and fatty food. I'll notice that I haven't eaten much, so I'll say I can have a treat of a cookie or whatever...but I don't want any! It's like giving myself permission takes away the forbidden-ness and thus the craving. It's totally bizarre.

We bought some awesome whole grain bread at Save On called "Granary" or something. It's really good. I've been eating tomato, cucumber and tzatziki sandwiches for lunch today and yesterday. Yesterday, I had a bit of chicken on it as well, but couldn't taste it, so didn't bother today.

I'm really happy today. We looked at bikes yesterday (but we're not getting one yet...HOW DOES ONE KEEP A BIKE IN AN APARTMENT!!! SOMEONE HELP!!), the sun is shining, I got a crapload of marking done (OMG, giant pile...I marked some stuff today that the kids gave me on FEBRUARY 12th!!!), I'm more in love with Dave than ever, I'm eating all this wholesome food which gives me energy (woke up early [for me] today and yesterday...unheard of on a weekend!!) and I'm exercising, which probably is helping with all of that.


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