Saturday, April 05, 2008


I've been visiting this page basically every day, since all my links are here. I haven't been writing for lots of reasons...mostly busy-ness and stuff like that.

(it's not because I couldn't remember my password. if. Shut up.)

Things have changed a lot, but some stuff is still the same. I'm still living in the awesome condo of awesomeness with my awesome boyfriend of awesomeness. :) I'm learning how to do stuff like cook, and clean up after myself (I can make ROAST BEEF! WHO AM I??).

I got a temporary contract to teach an amazing 4/5 class of students in the district that I grew up in. Full time work is *thumbs up!* I started a knitting club with the grade 3, 4 and 5s, and have about 40 students. It's totally insane. I love it. My mom comes and helps out at lunchtime with them...some of the kids are way better at knitting than I was when I started. They're teaching each other now! It's so cool!!! One of the boys found some knitting videos on YouTube and learned how to cast on (start the knitting) and he's taught a bunch of kids in the club, and me too! (ETA: By this, I mean he taught me a new way to cast on, since I already know one of the ways.)

I took a break from karate for two months because of insane amounts of work. My gi is ready for me to iron and step back up on that horse. Many, many people don't come back from a hiatus, but I'm wanting to totally buck the odds. SO THERE! HA!! I'm excited to go back. I've missed it.

What else? I started going to the gym a bit more often, starting in the new year. (a bit more often...considering I didn't go at all the first two months we were here....yeah....) I ran for nearly a mile at 5 mph a couple weeks ago. I haven't done THAT since junior high! Of course, I haven't done it since, due to back issues and general pain and meh. I've opened up my account again and am tracking all my eating and some of my exercise.

Dave and I play Wii a lot...not so much this week, but over spring break we played a lot and before that. I've become addicted to Resident Evil 4 and we each played through the main game twice, and I played through both mini extra games. Dave's been playing a different extra game.

So, yeah! Now that I remember my password have a little more time, maybe I'll post here often enough that I don't have the posts on the front page completely memorised from when I come here to check blogs and webcomics.


Adrienne said...

Welcome back!

How bizarre that I decided to check your site for the first time in like three months on the day after you decided to update it for the first time in ages. :)

I guess I shouldn't talk.

The Teacher said...

Whoa, weird. We must have a brain connection.

I was shocked to see a comment...I figured it was penis enhancer spam. Or was that just a clever opener to now suggest I could enhance my penis?

Now to see if I remember how to log in. Doo de dooo...

Anonymous said...

I dare you to "buck the odds". Your iron awaits you.