Friday, April 11, 2008

I know it's not about the numbers...

...but yesterday I hit the lowest weight in the three months I've been tracking it with our awesome scale of doom. It is totally which has been doing it. Dude.

Two nights ago, I ran for a whole mile in a row, plus walked for a mile (split between 5 min before the run and 12 min after the run). I'm so freaking proud of myself. Last time I did that was junior high.

Yesterday, I walked to the store to buy brown rice, wild rice and salad dressing. It's just under a mile round trip, and it's a little hilly, but not too bad. I love it.

Knitting club is so cool. I've gotten rid of so much yarn that I'll never, ever use and I've been inspired to start knitting more myself. :D I've got eight year olds now in the club, and some even younger kids want to join. A brother of one of my students wants to join...I'm tempted. He's six, but he already knows how to knit. It'd be a hoot watching him, and he'd probably be able to teach some of the kids.

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