Saturday, April 26, 2008


I have decided I need to write a cookbook. It will be entitled "Vegetarian Cooking: Beyond the Onion". Seriously. It's nearly impossible to find a vegetarian recipe (except for desserts) that doesn't include onions. I don't really mind cooked onions, but I can't stand prepping them (my eyes burn like hell if I walk into a room where they're being cut), and I don't really care for the taste or texture that much. That being said, I will eat them...but they seem unnecessary to me. Raw onions? No way. They're WAAAAAAAAY too strong for me. If they're on my burger in itty bitty pieces, all mixed with the ketchup to the point where they're an integral part of the whole thing I will eat them, but then I'll taste them for the next forty-eight hours.

I guess the big problem for me is that I don't know enough about cooking and how things will cook up and taste if I eliminate the onion and add something like garlic instead (loves me some garlic...mmmmmm). I could experiment, but I already had a majorly bad experiment gone wrong this week (bean/cornmeal patties...apparently the cornmeal needs to be "cooked" so it's "digestible". Who knew??).

Hints, tips, tricks all welcome.

(PS. three days in a row of steadily falling weight, each day being the lowest in three months. Down to 172.8 lbs today!)


Mrs. Dymund said...

You should be pretty safe just leaving onions out of most recipes. You could put something else in, but you most likely don't have to.

Bill said...

If you're looking for cooking/recipe ideas, you're welcome to take back the cook books that you lent me when I got my place.

In fact, I encourage you to take them as we don't have space for them any more. ;-)