Sunday, January 28, 2007

Help Internet-benkenobi! You're my only hope!

I have a dillema dilema dillemna dilemna problem (beyond the fact that I can't spell that word...). I would like to purchase an mp3 player, because my Rio Karma bit the dust a few months back...whoa...nearly a year now. I would like to buy an iPod of some flavour that isn't the Shuffle. Anyone have any suggestions? I want to use it to work out with and listen when I'm in the car or at my computer. The working out thing is the part I'm worried about. With my Rio, I managed to drop it a few times when I was working out on the punching bag, or on the exercise bike, so I'd need something I can attach very securely to my person, or that won't die if I'm my usual clumsy self.

Please leave personal experiences and/or warnings and/or links to complaints in the comments.



Irene said...

I know you said no Shuffle, but if you still end up considering it, I know that they are going to releasing the shuffle model in different colours this year.

Otherwise, I don't own an Apple anything, so I can't comment. Happy hunting!

Bill said...

Well, time for a breakdown on MP3 players (at least, as far as I'm concerned).

Battery - it is NOT user-replaceable. Once it craps out, toss your pod (unless it's under warranty).

Use - bloody friggen easy to use.
Accessories - there are about eleventy billion accessories available (including armbands which will do a spiffy job of securing the pod to your upper arm while you workout, jog, screw)
Variety - the iPod nano is nice and small, it comes in three capacities (2, 4, 8gb), and it has a few diff colours.

Other brands:
-They aren't iPods (for some, that's huge)
-They come in different sizes, shapes, colours, capacities. You're bound to find something that you like.
-Many of these use user-replaceable batteries (either AA or AAA, or they use a swapable battery pack)

-The interfaces aren't always quite as spiffy
-They aren't iPod (again, a big thing for some)
-Lack of accessories. Because everybody and their dog have an iPod, there are a ton of accessories. Not so much the case with other brands.

There, clear as mud? :)
Having sold MP3 players for many years, those are my experiences.

The Teacher said...

Irene: I said no shuffle because I don't like the way it works. I like having playlists and being able to listen to a whole album all the way through.

Bill: Aiiya. Ok...thanks. I think. I'm more confused now I think... :)

Adrienne said...

fred has a video ipod (the king of pods) if you want to take a look at it. it holds 80gigs of, well, anything. he watches movies on it, listens to music, whatev.

there's also the iphone...

Angela said...

I love your new blog look! It matches your sexy hair in your profile pic! ;-)

I have a video iPod myself, not great for working out. For good use, I'd recommend the Sony MP3 players. They are affordable, practical, and compact. They come in small and round or small and pebble shaped. My friend ran his through the washing machine accidentally, and it still worked after drying out for a day!!