Friday, January 26, 2007


Is this the first one of the new year? Hmmm... might be.

Irene tagged me...and it's the FIVE THINGS ABOUT ME MEME! Me meme? That's hard to type. I'm going to slot in stuff that's been going on, very sneakily, since I haven't been posting. Cop out? Maybe. :P My blog, my rules.

1) While I publicly aver that I despise pink, I secretly love it (especially paired with black...mmmm...). *looks around at the site* This may not be such a secret any more...

2) I had my orientation with my school district today. It went well. :) I could be teaching on Monday, assuming my criminal record check came back this afternoon. Now, assuming they don't find out about that weekend back in '01... ;)

3) I love creating things. I love learning how to make new things. This results in a plethora of projects. (And apparently alliteration, also.) I have trouble finishing things. This results in a precarious pile of UFOs (UnFinished Objects).

4) I'm a collector. I collect rocks, books, craft stuff (yarn etc. You've seen my stash...), clothes (I'm not sure how it happens! I don't remember buying THAT many clothes!!), stuffed animals (Ooh! That one's cute!)...basically anything large, bulky and/or heavy. It's going to be fun to move eventually.

5) As of Monday, or whenever I get called, I'm going to have three jobs again. Oy.
5a) As of Monday, people who want to see me will have to schedule several weeks in advance and fill out the proper forms in triplicate.


Grey said...

I think I remember that weekend. That was a _good_ weekend.

Irene said...

I know about the scheduling part. That's my life right now =P

Jennifer said...

What is it about pink? So much to hate, and yet, once in a while, it seems to work.

I hadn't said it yet, so I'll say it now: congratulations on the job!

The Teacher said...

Grey: :P

Irene: Ayup.

Jennifer: Hehe..yeah. I've been saying I loathed pink for so much. And thank you!!

Angela said...

Cool! I love learning more about my favourite teacher! ;-)

I love that you are a workaholic creative collector. You are one rockin' babe.