Thursday, March 23, 2006


Firstly, I'd like to say that I suck. :P For the last couple weeks I've been waiting for my Livejournal friends list to update, and only a few people have...then I realized yesterday that when my hard drive got wiped, my auto-login for LJ got I've been reading only public posts. Whoops.

Nextly, my Rio seems to be officially dead. Two years, 20 GB, $400...I will miss thee. Maybe Dave will be able to work some tech voodoo on it, but I'm not holding my breath...not because he's not TechMasterExtraordinaire, but because well...I'll either be right or very pleasantly surprised.

Nextly nextly, I start my practicum at Gigabyte on Monday. Three months of teaching the little ones. Eep. I sometimes wonder what the hell I've gotten myself into. That moment often occurs when I wake up to to realize that I'm sitting upright in bed in the middle of the night and giving a lesson to my easel. It looks like a person in the dark, ok? My toques are on top of it. I'm not completely crazy yet.

Just give me three months.

I've established a rule for watching Buffy. I've moved the stationary bike into my room, and I'm only allowed to watch Buffy if I ride the bike for the whole time. That means that if I allow 42 minutes per episode, 22 eps/season, 10 seasons of Buffy and Angel...I'll be on the bike for 154 hours. That will last me 73 weeks if I watch three episodes a week and I'll be on the bike for two hours a week. Then I guess I'll have to start watching Hercules, Xena, Kindred the Embraced, Sex in the City and the rest of Alias. Oh, and 24...

... etc.

I'm going to be so freaking buff. I can't wait until I'm strong enough to watch a full two hour plus movie. Although I need a wider bike seat, or a better bike.


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