Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This week? some ways this week is shaping up to be almost as bad as last week. Today was rough. Must. Stay. Positive.

Although in other ways it's CERTAINLY better...for example, I'm currently typing this on my now functional computer. We (read: Dave and Jeff Y.) wound up having to wipe the hard drive, but through some technical miracle that I have no hope in hell of reproducing should the need ever occur, they managed to save all my data. My lesson plans! My teaching resources and favourites! My craft patterns! My game of Bard's Tale!

However, it's also twenty to one...and I have to be up in just over five hours. Well, nuts. Tomorrow's going to be interesting, considering I've got a PE lesson to teach at 0830, a mock interview in front of all my classmate at 11 and a literature presentation at 130.

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