Thursday, December 28, 2006


I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a good weekend/holiday Monday.

Me? I don't really remember much of Christmas Day. I somehow managed to contract the plague on Christmas Eve. We were opening presents (Austrian tradition) when suddenly it felt like someone had shoved sandpaper down my throat, scratchy side out. I then had a sore throat that lasted until sometime last night while I was sleeping. The sore throat was THEN replaced with that fun "inability to turn over in bed without coughing" that is so wonderfully reminicient of summer...when I had pneumonia. Whee! I seem to be getting better we'll see. This is why I haven't been social.

Today I didn't feel like going anywhere, but I sucked it up and went out to Mundy Park where Dave and some other guys were playing disc golf. I opted out of playing, instead going around the park sort of with them, shooting about two hundred pictures. (As always, they can be found on flickr.) I had originally planned on photographing birds, but...well...the birds were camera shy, so I didn't get anything except a raven. Which was cool...don't get me wrong! One of the things (er...two, I suppose) I got for Christmas were two bird books. One is an Audobon identifying book for Western Canada and the US, and one is Vancouver/Lower Mainland based telling which birds are found where. In this, I discovered that my favourite bird of all time, the American Kestrel, actually is a fairly frequent visitor! I'm super excited about that, and will be going out on specific photo shoots to see if I can get myself some pictures.

Now, it's time for bed, because I would like to try and get to as many stores as I can tomorrow to give me Friday off-ish.

One of my favourite pictures from this afternoon...
Sunight Explosion

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