Thursday, December 14, 2006

End of Year Meme

Stolen from many

The guidelines:
1) Go into your archives and find the first sentence of the first entry of each month of 2006.
2) Copy and paste that sentence into your blog.

January: I had a good evening last night...good friends, good food, fun games and movie.
February: KARIN
March: I'm still kind of sick...this sucks.
April: I went to a great vegetarian restaurant today,'s awesome.
May: It's already the first of May.
June: I have so many things I've mentally noted to write about and I can't think of many at the moment.
July: Hey all.
August: I don't really want to post what I actually did to get my arms all scraped up...I like the guesses better!
September: Happy four year anniversary, Dave.
October: Gwynabella tagged me.
November: Just a note: I won't put any spoilers people who aren't going to read along with it can read here without worry.
December: Or: how to make sure more is given than received.

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