Saturday, April 29, 2006

A list...

...because I've been so blah today and mostly lying around, here is a list of everything I've consumed in the last 48 hours. In bold are the items that are actually somewhat solid.

2 disgusting homeopathic lozenges
1 strepsosil lozenge
1/2 pack of cherry lifesavers
two jello cups (one raspberry, one wildberry)
2/3 package raspberry jello with marshmallows
4 carrot sticks, 3 cauliflower stalks, 1 mushroom and 4 sugar pea pods
one can of mango nectar (hey, I've got five more! What am I waiting for??)
1 container of wonton soup
1 peanut butter and banana wholegrain bagel

several cups of tea with various additives of honey and/or lemon juice
2 scrambled eggs on toast, 1 strip of bacon
1 diet grapefruit pop
1 glass of orange juice
2 glasses of water
6 cold fx pills

The idea of eating anything solid absolutely nauseates me. The thought of trying to put something that might be sharp or cause anguish to my throat in any way makes me to want to curl up in a ball and hide under the covers. As far as illnesses go, this one probably isn't as bad as many that I've had, but I've been so bleah about eating that I'm feeling a lot lousier than I really should. *whine*

And I'm ridiculously twitchy. I want to ride my bike, but I'm having trouble staying upright on my chair.

Oh, and I'm a little grumpy due to my throat constantly bothering me...using the word ridiculously has reminded me of the words that annoy me when they're spelled incorrectly.
-ridiculous NO "E"
-definite/definitely NOT DEFIANTELY NO "A"
-synopsis vs synapses (I get a lot of hits for people looking for the synapses of various books. Please, for the love of all that is holy...READ THE DAMNED BOOK YOURSELF, or else learn how to spell your search terms. Quite often I get the name of the novel spelled wrong too [which means that it's spelled incorrectly someplace in my archives...but that was probably a cut and paste.])

Wow. I think I must be feverish after all that. Ok. Good night.

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