Wednesday, April 19, 2006


This weekend I made turkey vegetable soup and still have a gallon or so of stock in my freezer. I bought some mixed beans to use as samples for my seed unit and bought a bunch extra (I only needed a small handful) to create turkey bean soup. Then, I wanted some avocado pits to use in the display, and I couldn't WASTE them, so I made homemade guacamole...not to be confused with Whack-a-mole. (And if your brain works the way mine just did, you read that as "walk a moley". *sigh*)

My guacamole recipe: (please note that I'm not a recipe gal...if I cook or do crafty stuff, I like to play with it, so measurements are somewhat...lax. I think I'll post the Accidental Chocolate Mousse recipe to illustrate that.)

3 pitted, scooped and mashed avocados (is there an "e" in there? Like tomatoes and potatoes? Avocadoes?)

1 large tomato, diced

The rest of the lemon juice (probably a tablespoon or so...maybe more)

3-4 cloves of garlic chopped fine

Salt to taste
Mash together. Serve with chips, and gin and tonic if you're feeling bold. I had school today, so I didn't indulge in the G&T. I'm gonna smell like garlic for days now...I've got days worth of guacamole to eat! :D It's going to go brown on the top...doesn't affect the taste 24 hours later. Try some more lemon juice.

One of my students told me that my hair smelled like chocolate. Considering that she hadn't been close enough to me to smell me, and my shampoo is more like a jujube...I think it was creative licence on her part.

I'll do the mousse recipe later.

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