Saturday, April 29, 2006

Still ill

Some description of how icky I feel. You may skip that bit.

I feel so much better than I did yesterday. Yesterday at Gigabyte, I nearly passed out, then nearly threw up. Then nearly both. My neck (not just my throat) was sore. I've lost 4 lbs in three days because the idea of eating makes me want to retch...and also because my throat is/was so raw that putting anything non-liquid down it just seems like a really dumb idea.

Ok, now back to me, not just my symptoms.

Dave came over yesterday to help me with a huge project that I needed to finish before last night...lesson planning for the next six weeks. I had to have 10-15 lessons done for each of the six weeks. Final total...ninety one lessons. Ye gods. We finished a three week unit on plants yesterday, which was a lot of fun. The kids seemed really into it, asking me where they could find plant books in the library at school, and asking me if they could borrow my plant books.

We've been keeping track of the different kinds of fruit we ate on a big wall chart, which they loved. Two of them at different times reminded me of a fruit that we didn't have up there, which wouldn't be such a cool thing, except that we were going by the botanical meaning of "fruit" which means "the part of the plant that holds the seeds". Hence, not only are apples, oranges and grapes fruit, but tomatoes and pumpkins are as well. Anyway, one of my grade one boys, F, reminded me that we didn't have cucumbers on the list. YES!! It got through to them!!! I have to say, that was one of the coolest moments in teaching. They took something that I taught them and related it to something else that they were familiar with to come to a correct conclusion. Totally spontaneously. Woo HOO!

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