Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Day in the Life

Every 6th day of the month is the day Sheryl has dubbed "This Day in the Life" day. Or something like that. So today, I was taking mental notes all day as to what I was doing. Here are the results...

0630 Wake up to the country station playing on my clock radio. Yes, this is on purpose, and no it's not to inspire me to get up earlier. I like country. I don't like this song though. *smack snooze*

0639 Wake up again, enough to realize that I feel better, recovering from my cold from yesterday! Yay! Oh. No, wait. I'm still really sick. It was just a temporary euphoria brought on by Neo-Citran hangover. Dammit. *hit snooze*

0648 Debate getting up. *hit snooze*

0657 Wait until the traffic report comes on before getting up.

0702 Realize that I should have been up ten minutes ago. Spring out of bed.

0703 Bathroom, vitamins, ColdFX, weigh myself (167 lbs! Woo!), brush my teeth, get dressed

0713 Eat a banana, take a cold pill, sit down to read an article in the paper

0724 Out the door, four minutes late.

0744 I'm still in Port Moody. I'm gonna be later than I want to be. Bother...te minutes behind schedule.

0745 Realize that my clock is fast. Relax and enjoy my drive. I don't see any bald eagles along the Barnet Highway. :(

0802 Arrive at Gigabyte Elementary, head to my classroom to prep for my lesson.

0804 Check the beans we put in a clear plastic cup so we could see the roots grow. Nothing yet. We just started them yesterday though.

0805 Start prepping for my lesson. We're going to be colouring pieces of paper in lots of designs to cut apart and use as pieces for quilt blocks for a paper quilt. Talk with one of the support workers about how awesome primary grades are because it's just like playing all day! Write the morning message which includes a pattern puzzle for triangle, red square, blue triangle, blue square, black triangle, blank, blank, blue square.

0845 Bell rings I meet the kids at the door. Lots of "Good morning, Mrs. A". They don't really know the difference between Miss, Ms and Mrs. although I've explained briefly. Whatever. "Noisy reading" starts. I let one of the K's read with my stuffed dragon. Dragon gets passed around a bit...learns how to tie his shoes and looks at the pictures of a couple books. Yesterday, he read a dinosaur book. The kids really like him, and they'll read out loud to him so I can listen and see how they're doing. One of the kids fills in the pattern, getting the shapes right, but not the colours. Grrr...speak with her about how she knows she's not supposed to do stuff on the white board unless she's asked permission. I get asked when we get to water our beans. Kids are wiggy because the grade ones are going on a field trip in the afternoon.

0900 Computers. The kids are drawing a picture in KidPix for their older buddies. They interviewed them about their interests and now their picture should reflect that. I go around a lot asking why they're drawing knights and stuff when their buddy said they like Def Jam (whatever that is) and Christmas. Minor crisis as three drawings don't print but we have to leave.

0950 We're back in the room. I get asked when we get to water our beans and I tell them before lunch. I run the calendar time, which is fine. They're still wiggyI get asked when we get to water our beans. I field that question about six more times in the next twenty minutes. They're kind of really excited about their beans. It's very cute. We play "Dragon Says" instead of Simon Says. They're amused. I'm happy that they get to jump around a bit. We do sharing time which is uneventful except for one of the boys hitting himself in the eye when he tries to show off his yo-yo. He then attempts to do it again, presumably without the skull cracking part. Command decision: I take it away from him while he finishes talking about it.

1025 There's a lengthy announcement that messes up my calendar schedule, but I get everyone finished before the recess bell goes.

And now my cold meisiceine had kciked in, so I'm goind to bed. Whoa... TBC tomorrow someimte.

EDIT: Part Two is here!

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