Sunday, April 02, 2006

Knitting Joy!!

Today I was looking for yarn in my mom's stuff when we unearthed several balls of super ugly yellow yarn from the seventies!! Exactly what I need for Jayne hats! And the colour that I have THE MOST TROUBLE finding.

It's a sign I tell you. It's a sign that I'm never going to have my own Jayne hat, ever...because I know of at least two people who want ones of their very own.

Hey, internet. What should I charge for a Jayne hat? They take about five hours (after making two, hopefully they'll start taking less time... ohpleaseohplease!) and a crapload of stress (because in the both I've made, I've had to rip them out about six times each...also see above note about being unable to find the ugly colours) to make. They take roughly a ball and a half of the yarn I use.

Yarn: about $5-10...more if someone wants really good yarn
Time: about 5:00
The sweetest, most cunning hat ever: ??? but not priceless...oh no. I want to put a price on them.

And then my head explodes because I have too many things I want to do all at once.


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