Saturday, May 03, 2008


A good day, this I am having!

I'm currently typing on my currently working computer that my currently in Vancouver boyfriend seems to have fixed! (I'm being subtly slightly pessimistic due to the fact that this computer sometimes randomly explodes right when I think it's working.)

I have several small rock chips taken out of my windshield, so I (finally...ahem) arranged for a windshield chip removal appointment at Crystal Glass in Burnaby. Not only did he say that the chips weren't worth fixing (because they'd be made worse), he also told me how to figure out if it's worth bringing the car in for windshield service! Very, very impressed. By giving up my $50 transaction today, he's pretty much guaranteed himself a customer if/when I need to get any glasswork done. This happened a few weeks ago too...I was buying gas at the Esso on Lougheed near...uhhhhh...kind of near the GardenWorks...whatever that cross street is. Anyway, I had hot chocolate and my gas purchase, and I was given the hot chocolate for free. Again, $1.50 or so of transaction given up equals loyal customer. Love it.

I cut up some green onions today to make a vegetable soup stock. I found them to be pretty much totally unobnoxious and actually quite delicious smelling. SUCCESS!! I have found the solution to my onion problem! If the stock's any good, I'll share the recipe here.

I have karate today, and through the magic of Dave's mad laundry skillz, my gi is basically in shape. Minimal ironing will be needed. This pleases me immensely, as I loathe ironing my gi and have a small (miniscule, really) scar on my hand from where I burned myself a couple years ago*. I need to have a chat with my laundry sensei and learn from him.

I've started using my flickr account again. Feel free to pop over there and say hello. With luck, I'll be able to post the roughly 123498792374210324765 pictures I've taken since my computer died last year.

At least two kids from my knitting club have taught their moms to knit. I'm in awe. I have started a knitting revolution. In sad news, we've had our first knitting of the girls from another class was knitting very close to her face, and the needle slipped, stabbing her in the cheek. Apparently there was much blood...I wasn't there, as this was in her regular class. Nnnghha. Ouch.

Dave and I saw Iron Man yesterday. Loved. It. I strongly suspected some of what was going to happen because of formulaic stuff, but still enjoyed it a lot. Great writing. this is only the second movie I've gone to see since The Bourne Ultimatum's opening night (August 3 2007, apparently...I thought it was further back than that...I guess not.) because of horrendous dizziness and nausea that made me leave the theatre for about half the movie (iirc...might've been less time). Anyway, hopefully this means that I can start going to movies again. That reaction made me extremely nervous to go. I took some generic Gravol before the movie and was fine...but I don't really remember the car ride home. Hee. Totally out of it...yeah. SCREW YOU MENIERES!!

*which I can't seem to identify. Wow, I've got a lot of miniscule scars on my hands.

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