Sunday, February 26, 2006

You're sick in bed? So what else is new?

This is seriously, the worst cold I've EVER had that I can remember. I started going down on Friday, slept all of Saturday and I'm still horribly ill. I think I'm getting an ear infection too, or else it's just because of cramped neck muscles radiating pain into my ear area.

Sore muscles: check. Sniffly: check. Coughing: check. Sore throat: double check. Sneezing: check. Head spinning dizzyness: check. Extreme exhaustion: check. Fever: no...but very temperature sensitive.

I've already emailed my profs to let them know I won't be at school tomorrow, most likely. Bleah.

How amazing is Dave? He cleaned He brought me Buffy season 2 for me to watch while I'm sick. YAY!!! He also brought other things to help me cheer up, and played a PC game (that I've already almost finished) for me to watch and he put up with all of my shrieks of "NO!!! Don't go in there yet!" and "GET THE LONGBOW!! Get the LONGBOW! didn't get the archery skill? Uhhhh...sorry..."

It was fun. :) Now if only I wasn't in Ouchland.

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