Thursday, February 09, 2006


Hey, has anyone even noticed that I've been somewhat...ummm...lacking in the content department lately? Sorry...I've barely had time to breathe. I'm in the middle of crunch time at school. I predict things will slow down around June or so. Of 2007.

I was very tired yesterday and amused Dave greatly by reciting a story he'd heard's a REALLY good story and he wouldn't let me tell I told it to myself, complete with hand gestures and silly voices. Oi.

I've got a week off, ostensibly a "Reading Break" but it's going to be more of a "Homework not-even-remotely-resembling-a-break" that begins with a birthday party tomorrow night, clubbing Saturday and ends with a Staggette on the following Saturday. One of the girls in my group is going to Vegas...leaving tomorrow, back on the next Saturday. She plans to get some work done. If she does, she's more dedicated than I would be. :)

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