Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lucky in...everything.

I've always known that I'm the luckiest person I know...although some may beg to differ. Too bad. I know it. That's how I got into school...through a random variety of very, VERY fortunate events. Anyway, let's now give a totally fictional example...let's pretend that...say, I didn't do some homework for some reason. Not that I'd do that. Since this is after all, fictitious. Purely. Not only will I have the time to do it on the bus that I fictitiously took today (or some other day) but I will arrive at school with my freshly turned out assignment in hand and discover that the deadline has been extended.

This kind of thing happens to me ALL THE TIME. It's truly awe inspiring how often I'll completely bail on something (allegedly) and it will turn out for the better anyway. It blows my mind.

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