Friday, March 30, 2007

Feeling better again

I've been in sort of a weird headspace for the last few weeks. Hopefully most people haven't noticed, except for the ones I whine to, "I'm miserable!!" etc. So thanks to those people for putting up with me on MSN and IRL. Thanks also to Dave for talking with me tonight. It's amazing how if there's a problem...and you TALK about it...suddenly the problem seems so much smaller. I tend to build stuff up in my head and then it blows up and it's a big messy brain boom teary issue. I managed to talk about what I felt was a problem (with me) before it got to the BMBBTI stage and he helped me figure some stuff out.


Hopefully I'll get called in to teach tomorrow. This is going to be a lean paycheque. With spring break last week and only being called in for half a day, I'm going to wind up with a $100 payday. Woo.

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