Monday, November 07, 2005


Like most people, I have symptoms when I'm sick. However, I've noticed over the (far too many) times I've been sick the last few years months that I have symptoms when I'm getting better. Generally speaking, I avoid food like crazy when I'm sick, especially milk based products. Yech.

So the two symptoms I look for are absolute ravenous hunger, which lasts for about three days, and milk-based food/drinks. The last two days I've been eating everything that wasn't nailed down and last night I had a bit of Irish cream, I've been eating cheese (cheddar and smoked salmon flavoured cream cheese) and a glass of milk with my peanut butter and banana sandwich (eaten last night just before a huge steak dinner and after about a dozen crackers with cream cheese).

Hooray! I've been sick for 13 days's about bloody time that I feel better.

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