Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bleah and Yay

Oof.. I've got a wicked headache. I've felt kind of lousy all day...sort of bleh-y. So descriptive...I know.

I've been doing a lot of homework...annoyingly, a bunch of it is stuff that I could have done earlier in the year. *snark* I'm a dumbass sometimes, but whatever.

I got to watch three fellow karate-ka (students) test for their brown belts today. That's of them joined just a little before I did. Uh, yeah...don't ask me what level I'm at. :P I've been sabotaging my training on and off. It's bad. I need to fix that.

We got to spar today. I am pleased. And sore, in a good way.

And now, to bed. Because I am a tired person who has forgone having a life when I joined the teacher training. Two nights in a row in bed before 1130. Yeesh. I might get all wild and crazy and do some tatting before I read until I fall asleep with the light on. It's just a big party over here, folks.

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