Monday, November 28, 2005

No snow please! We're BC'ers!

What the hell is the fluffy white stuff doing coming down before Christmas? This is BC! We don't get snow! We get rain! That doesn't turn into ice! Or slush and get into my boots!! *mental note: wear boots tomorrow...very high ones*

0600-I wake up, remember to grab my wallet and my Social Studies project that is due today, leave the house a little late because I snoozed twice instead of once.

0640-realize my car is frozen shut. Finally crack the seal and turn on the car...I'm almost out of gas...turn off the car. Use expired credit card as ice scraper (I can't ever find's about somewhere). Start to drive, can't see a bloody thing, so I risk running on the airy breath of gas fumes to defog my car.

0650-get to the gas station on the fumes of the fumes of the fumes. Where the crap is my wallet? I remember using the credit card but...oh my GOD...I check the roof of my car where there's a suspicious wallet shaped mark in the frost on the roof. Oh my GOD. I envison my wallet in front of my house. Then I find my wallet in the corner of my bag. Yeesh.

0710-get to Dave's, drop off my car, get a few minutes of snuggling and realize that I don't have my Socials project. Seriously...this time I really didn't have it. I knew exactly where it was too...and that's where it was when I came home tonight. So I phoned my mom and walked her through turning on my computer and emailing me the files. Not bad considering that *I'D* never turned on my computer.

0824-get to school, print off my project, get to class. Whew.

0920-turn in the project

1030-go to really crappy lecture that we have to go to. Get to write the review of it so people know what they did wrong. I needed a thesaurus...could only think of three terms for "useless". *sigh*

1230-get the runaround for half an hour on my cell phone while I'm trying to deal with getting a test scheduled for my stomach. *grrr*

Blah, blah, stuff happens and now it's snowing. So with my track record, it ought to melt and just be nothing by tomorrow when I have to be at Gigabyte. Either that or shut down the school. I'm open to either possibility.

So this was the weirdest almost bad day today. Everything was messed up enough to stress me right the hell out, but nothing really went wrong. And my last week keeps getting shorter and shorter...I think I had two classes cancelled today for a total of three. Oh wait...they weren't cancelled. They were made into "tutorial classes" because profs can't tell us not to show up, but they can mention to one of our group that if we were going to skip any particular day, Xday would be a good choice.

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