Sunday, November 27, 2005

Goals are good...

...if you can keep them up.

Goals for December

December 9-take the day off and revel in the lack of homework or classes. Tutor sometime during the day.
December 10-Karate, again with the revelling of no homework. Laundry and organize a box of stuff.
December 11-Clean the bathroom.
December 12-Kitchen, stock up on dust allergy pills, box
December 13-The floor around my computer and the couch, vacuum
December 14-stuff from the side of my bed
December 15-box of stuff, more beside my bed
December 16-Laundry, finish with the stuff beside my bed
December 17-karate, vacuum, move all my stuff into the newly excavated place beside my bed.
December 18-organize all my school notes into "keep for who knows when" and "using next semester", box
December 19-clean bathroom
December 20-25-frantically finish making all the Christmas gifts and cookies that I forgot to do through the previous two weeks.
December 26-clean rec room
December 27-put Cmas stuff into room
December 28-Jan 3-relax, start reading next semester's stuff, come up with lesson plans for 2 week practicum

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