Thursday, April 19, 2007

To Do

1) organize and burn karate photos to DVD
2) organize and burn wedding celebration photos for cousin (ummm...from the December 30th party. Ouch.)
3) several loads of laundry
4) get completely ready for karate (see #3)
5) get ready for Kamloops this weekend (pack, and see #3.)
6) acquire and consume far too many Skittles (regular flavour) (again)
7) Tell people on the internet that Facebook has eaten my brain and to come see me. (I'm under my first name and last name. IM me if you don't know them.)
8) Decide on a metric crap-tonne of stuff that needs to leave my room.
9) Actually get it out of my room
10) Have a panic attack at the thought of having stuff leave and bring most of it back in
11) Finish off two unfinished objects of knitting.
12) Clean the bathroom.
13) And kitchen.
14) And my room.
15) And vacuum (vaacum? vaccum? sucker upper?)
16) Surf the internet.
17) And clean my desk.
18) And put away that laundry that should've been done in #3. Why isn't #3 finished??? Oh, right. #16.
19) Ride my exercise bike. (I've got a half finished episode of Buffy that I started MONTHS ago.)
20) Realize I've gotten to twenty items and that it's hopeless and that I should take everything I own and just set it on fire to save time.

EDIT: 12:42
21) Upload pics of the Poke's birthday onto my computer so I can have the memory cards clear for Kamloops.
22) Realize CRAP I'm going away for the weekend. I loathe packing.

EDIT: 12:56
23) Take pictures of finished objects and stash for the Yarn Diet community.

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