Monday, April 09, 2007

Time eater!

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Seal generator found at

(the Latin is "Deeds not words")

(edit: since it wasn't obvious, I picked out the stuff and designed the seal myself. Go me!)

BOOK BINGE: The Salmon of Doubt: Douglas Adams (short story and essays...first twenty pages read before April started), A Bird in the House: Margaret Laurence (short stories), Legends (short stories), The Sleeping Dragon: Joel Rosenberg (book one: Guardians of the Flame)


Irene said...

Hmmm, that's the symbol for the Klingon Empire.

The Teacher said...

Yes, I know. That's why I chose it and that particular Latin phrase. :) I'm glad someone noticed that! There's a whole slew of Star Trek themed icons to put into the middle of the seal.

Irene said...

Hmmm, I certainly like your taste

The Teacher said...

:D Thanks! Happy Easter, btw.