Friday, June 13, 2008


The kids were strangely quiet today...a bunch of them didn't come to school and the secretary couldn't get their parents on the phone. I guess there's something going around. We had a shortage of substitute teachers today too...a couple of people just didn't show up, so we were covering classes today.

* * *

Recess was weird. There was a lot of movement in the bushes and one of the kids swore that she saw a bear wandering around. I had supervision and saw a bunch of people walking toward the school as if they were drunk or something. At 10:30 in the morning? Luckily we came in before they got there. They were moving pretty slowly.

Some of my kids had been talking about zombies the last couple of days, so that was on my mind...and I never want to be that grownup who says "NO SUCH THING!" and then gets's been a bit on my mind.

* * *

I'm home now, sixteenth floor. I'm looking toward Metrotown and there's a lot of cars just...stopped. There were accidents all over the place and I couldn't get through to home for nearly an hour. I'm not sure what the hell happened. There's power, but it's intermittant...that explains the accidents and traffic. There must've been a lot of accidents, beyond what the radio talked about before it went dead this afternoon. There are people walking around with blood on them, looking shellshocked.

There's a knock on the door...kind of scratchy. Dave's probably home with his hands full. Back in a bit.

* * *

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beethoven said...

Nice of you to do this on Friday the 13th! I hope you actually had a good one.

The Teacher said...

Yep, I did. :) A lot of these things actually happened...hee. :)